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Company Profile


Welcome to NIC, Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company.

Company  Objectives
• To invest in the industrial projects particularly chemical and petrochemical ones and to produce propylene, polypropylene, ethylene, polyethylene and other petrochemical and hydrocarbon based products.
• To own and execute projects necessary to supply the company with its own raw materials and utilities requirements.
• To acquire real estate and construct buildings and warehouses to stock and display the company’s products and for any other uses the Company may need in the manufacturing, stocking, selling and purchasing.

Factors That Helped Achieve The Company Objectives
• Availability of essential raw materials; oil and gas, the backbone of petrochemical industries.
• The strategic location of the company near sources of energy, raw materials and logistic facilities.

Our Vision

To be amongst the world’s leaders in promoting petrochemicals and chemical business, utilizing state of the art technologies and building effective strategic alliances and synergies.

Our Mission

To provide quality petrochemical and chemical products and attract customers by investing and developing safe, environment friendly, reliable facilities to meet customer needs and shareholder expectations and to motivate our employees.