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Refinery Salalah

Running Projects:


Salalah Project for filtering and storage of oil and petrochemical industries

The new investment company was established under the commercial registration number (124491) it consisted of Dutch, United Arab Emirates, Omani, and American partnership. Prelude to the completion and implementation of Shalala’s   project of Liquidation, strategic storage and petrochemicals.


Project details

-Project location:  The project is located in the province of Dhofar / Salalah , Raysut area.

- Project Area: The project area of ​​15 million square meters (proposed)


Components of the project:

 1 - The establishment and operation of Salalah refinery heavy oil - light.

2. The establishment of petrochemical plants.

3. Establish, build and implement the deep harbor to serve the project.

4. The establishment, construction and preparation of the logistics industrial city to serve the project.

5. Establishment and management of Giant storage facilities.


Features of the project:

  1. Strategic Location: The project is located in the Dhofar province on the Arabian Sea, which is located in the northern part of the Indian Ocean at the site of a 15-sq km near the port of Salalah, the largest port in Oman.
  1. Labor: The project will secure jobs at least for about one thousand and six hundred unemployed people, accounting for more than 80 % of Omanis, along with other staff members representing more than 20 countries from all over the world.
  2. The preservation of the environment: The project was designed to meet the standards of environmental protection and Ambient air quality standards quality, from local regulatory bodies and international conventions and protocols ratified by the Sultanate of Oman and others, including the guidelines of the relevant international organizations.
  3. The establishment and implementation of petroleum Academy for training and rehabilitation in line with the project requirements and qualify Omani cadres according to the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research of the highest consistent training and rehabilitation programmatic levels.


Excerpts from the expected project products:

 The project is a homogeneous entity designed to buy crude oil from outside of Oman and store it  for a period of not less than two years in order to establish volumes giant strategy , which provides the largest refinery of its kind in the region of the refining capacity will reach four hundred and twenty thousand barrels per day , as all outputs processing by petrochemical complex terminals facility , which includes more than 17 factories produce 15 million metric tons annually from oil-based products in addition to the 3.4 of 10 metric tons per year of ethylene and propylene derivatives .


About the project

The new investment company for oil and gas will provide project with three hundred thousand to four hundred thousand barrels per day of crude oil, the proposed refinery will be supplied ore heavy oil by buying from abroad. The new investment company for oil and gas, which will adopt the high standards of quality and standards of protection of the environment is characterized by reliance and self-sufficiency of energy where it will produce self electrical energy, for example some of the important products and by that contribute to the payment of the national economy and will help to support all kinds of  industry wither it was  light or medium scale , among the products some of the products , The ethane cracker  unit which  uses  high-temperature catalysts for converting heavy oil into gasoline, naphtha .finally, propylene, which is used to make everything from insulating materials to durable goods. Cracking ethane cracker is used similar to convert ethane into polymer grade ethylene, which is used in lubricants, detergents and other products manufacturing process. We enclose the detailed study with this simple summary and we hope to draw the attention to this project it is mainly based on the purchase of crude oil and stored for long periods and then deal with it in order to avoid speculation global markets and volatile prices. With thanks and appreciation.